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The Secrets of the Lake

Life was miserable for Anna Smith, a shy, studious girl. No matter what — no matter where — everything that went wrong was always her fault. That was, until she decided to run away to a more fantastical world — somewhere magical…

Who Am I?

Hi there, I’m Noah G. Needle—author of the Eden Trilogy and more—and this is my website. It’s here that you’ll find almost everything you could ever possibly want to about me and my work, but primarily the latter. In my portfolio, I currently boast a Sky TV contest-winning short screenplay; a London International Screenwriting Competition semi-finalist TV pilot; a Script Labs quarter-finalist TV pilot (still in consideration and unavailable on this website, sadly); a short comic, published as part of Comic School’s Inspire Anthology, illustrated by Gabbie Scanlon; and my own 8-part, self-illustrated webcomic, entitled Europa. And there’s plenty more on the way from all fronts! If any of that sounds like something you’d be interested in, keep an eye out on this website for the latest updates on all my work. That’s about it from me though, enjoy the site.

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