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Welcome to my back catalogue of screenplays and teleplays. This is perhaps the busiest section on my website as it's what I've been able to focus most of my time towards and, arguably, what I've enjoyed doing the most. That's not to say I dislike writing short stories, novels, or comic scripts, it's just that for the most part I've not given those as much of my attention.

Anyway, as I was saying, welcome to an all-access look at my screenwriting work. Here you'll find short scripts as well as some TV pilot episodes, and maybe even a feature script (eventually...)! So, I hope you enjoy reading these. And if any agents or producer-types happen to read (and enjoy) one, feel free to contact me.

M.A.R.S. Project

M.A.R.S. Project is a 5-page script that I wrote in January of 2020 for a Sky TV screenwriting competition, hosted by OurPass. It was my first-ever script and I was lucky enough to have it selected, along with a few others, as a winner of the competition.

The story is that of a returning scientific expedition crew. On board their ship is enough data for the people of a dying Earth to be convinced that Mars is a viable escape option. However, something stops the crew of the ship... something already locked inside with them.


Based on the short comic written by myself, illustrated by Gabbie Scanlan and lettered by Kevin Lintz, “TOGETHER.” is a faithful adaptation of the comic in short film format. It is yet to be filmed, but that is the eventual plan. Keep an eye on this page to know when that happens!

Roommates Pilot

Roommates is a 32-page sitcom pilot script that I originally wrote in the summer of 2021, but continue to develop to this day. In December of the same year, this screenplay was announced as one of 14 semi-finalists in the London International Screenwriting Competition: a true honour and highlight of my writing career so far.

When a carefree slob and idealistic perfectionist discover they’ll be sharing a university dorm together, they’re forced to overcome some major misunderstandings before they can make things work.


You can expect the usual sitcom high jinks from this script and plenty of laughs!

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