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Welcome to my library of short stories. Here you'll be able to find a story, read a synopsis, and then be able to click an image to visit a webpage, either Inkitt or Wattpad, where you can read the story in full.

My writing varies drastically. I write a lot, as I mention on the Home page. I write a bit of everything from thrillers to romances. From earnest, slice of life dramas to bloody, action-packed fantasies. You really will find a bit of everything here—and so I'm hoping there's something you'll enjoy.

Whilst I continue to write short stories, this page will continue to be updated. However, for any novels and novellas I publish, they will only be found in whatever e-store I decide to put them. There will be previews on this page though, so look out for those!

That's all though folks! I hope you enjoy what you find here!

A Slayer's Tales

Following a life-changing event, Nicholas Northman - a member of the Slayers Guild, a monster hunting band of brothers - ventures the Five Kingdoms in search of contracts to occupy him and keep his mind off the past.


Batman: First Laugh

After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents at the hand of escaped Arkham convicts, Bruce Wayne journeys down a much darker, more sinister path than we're used to in order to become the mythic Batman of Gotham.

A year after his first appearance, the rumour of the Batman and his brutal approach to dealing with criminals strikes fear into, not just its underworld but, Gotham as a whole. However, a mysterious new foe seems unbothered by his myth and begins to taunt him.



After many years as Jarl of Austurthviet, Frode Olvarsson is forced to confront a monster that he created as Ulf brings an army to take revenge on Frode for his father's death.



After the worst month of his life, Michael Ford finds himself stuck at a New Year's Eve party, feeling absolutely miserable. It's only when he finds a familiar stranger that his night begins to take a turn for the better.

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