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Being a life-long fan of the artform that is comic books, it felt only natural that I would end up writing some. One day, just the same as any nerdy writer, I aspire to write Spider-Man or Batman, perhaps a crossover featuring the two of them. But, for now, that's simply a dream.

What aren't just dreams however, but instead are actual comics I've written, are the two pieces below! If you want to check them out in full, please do. Just click the bold title and you'll be taken to a platform where they are available to view.

“TOGETHER” is a short, 8-page comic written by me, with art by Gabbie Scanlon and lettering by Kevin D. Lintz.

Anxiety sucks. Everyone gets anxious every now and again, but for Mark it’s taken one step further. Constantly plagued by a literal embodiment of his anxieties, Mark’s day to day life begins to crumble before his very eyes. He realises he needs to make a change but will he have the strength to do it?

“Europa” is a 8-part short comic series about the misadventures of four teenage lads as they go on holiday across Europe. It's also my first comic created solely by me; so, naturally, I'm very proud of this achievement.

With their final year of school finished, and a long summer ahead of them, Timmy, Mo, Nate and Jack embark on a holiday they won’t forget. Below is the first part for you to read through!

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